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Turning Points: The Book

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Sudden, unwelcome changes happen in everyone’s life; no doubt you’ve had your share already. Perhaps you’re in the middle of one right now, and there are almost certainly more to come.This would sound pretty negative if it wasn’t for the fact that traumatic and challenging experiences can be the catalysts to a better and more fulfilling life.

This doesn’t just apply to some people – it can work for everyone, including you, once you know how. Turning Points offer a range of products and services to help you develop your ability to make lemonade out of the lemons life gives you.

We call this turning SUCs (Sudden Unwelcome Changes) into SUCCESS.

We’re not just talking about little insignificant changes, but the really big ones, like the loss or death of a loved one, being seriously injured in an accident, losing your job or any other event that you could imagine. Like a beautiful lotus lily emerging from murky water, you can create a rewarding life following even the most extreme life change.

Most self-help publications stress the importance of grieving after a major loss or change, but many don’t go far enough. Unless we complete the whole process we can find ourselves stuck in the mire where life seems as if it will never again be as good as it was before.

How to Come up Smiling when Life Overwhelms You

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The Turning Points 7-stage model covers all of the steps people need to pass through after a major life change, in order to recover completely and create a fulfilling life. You can also prepare for the future by building your ability to respond creatively to major life change.

Turning Points - The Books

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Turning Points, Regaining Joy after Loss

by Annabel Muis and Lesley Moseley.

a 110-page book covering:

• 7-stage Turning Points model for recovering from major life change
• Easy-to follow ways for coping with and responding to each stage of the process
• Chapter summaries and affirmations for quick reference and “emotional first aid”
• Ready-reference section of tools to build your change-management skills and enhance your ability to respond to every aspect of the change process.

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Turning Points is an eminently concise but practical self help book, easy to read, simple to understand, full of down to earth solutions that anyone can apply. All supported by examples from real life experience.
Mark Ruge

Read a sample of the book to discover how this information can help you. Introduction (44 kb. PDF)